The Last Four Years

I wanted to say that this is the last four years shown on this narrow, rectangular table. But it isn’t. The last four years is everything else that you don’t see on the table. It is the first year of wondering if you could ever become an interior designer, of adjusting to a new college life, the second few years of figuring out what defines you, what you love, and what drives you. It is the last year and the countless hours in studio, the skill of balancing your precious time between a thousand and one activities, and the tears, sweat, and blood.

If someone had described to me how hard the past month was going to be for me, I would have laughed and said that you were crazy and there’s no way I could handle all that and still actually be able to graduate. (This post may be slightly early as I still haven’t walked across the stage.) And I was right. With the amount of obstacles and challenges that have been thrown my way the past month, I don’t think I could have graduated except I had God and people that God placed in my life.

But He came through. And because of that, I sit here today in the airport, waiting on my flight to New York for LIGHTFAIR 2015 having just completed my big senior portfolio review yesterday. The last month has been hard but I have been constantly reminded of how blessed I am.

This is the constant, repetitive story of the last four years. I can’t believe this chapter will close so soon but if the pattern of God’s faithfulness and favor continues through to the next chapter, I’m going to be okay.

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