Craziest Week to Start the Home Run

This week has probably been one of the most eventful weeks I’ve had this senior year. That’s saying a lot because there has been some quite eventful weeks already. But, what with a huge critique on Tuesday, which meant some late nights and starved days before, a car wreck and interview on Friday, and the long Easter weekend… I’d say I’ve had enough happen in the past week!

Tuesday marked the beginning of the home run to the finish line (May 2nd!). Bright and early in our vastly improved and cleaned Studio 49, many professionals from all over North Carolina came to critique our senior projects. As far as we had come since a week ago, the constructive criticism and helpful feedback has been a real wake up call for the amount of work I still have to do before the final critique. For one thing, I really need to work on my presentation skills and concisely and clearly presenting my complicated project!

Pictures have been scarce in this blog, so I thought I’d share with you some of the preliminary 3D renderings of the space I managed to get done before the big crit on Tuesday. As the saying goes, “Pictures speak a thousand words.” and that holds especially true when you are trying to convey design intent.



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